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Cross-Border Estate Planning (Accomplishing multi-generational wealth transfer)
Off-Shore Corporate Re-Structuring

In a modern era, international structures have to be tax efficient, compliant and dynamic to the point of being constantly molded and adapted to our ever changing world, welcoming new legislation, information exchange agreements, increasing tax burdens and other sorts of tests of time.


With focus on quality, due diligence, delivery time and jurisdictional reputation, we may assist you in setting up or re-structuring various types of entities such as business, holding and trading companies, partnerships, coops, trusts, foundations and investment funds using 45 different jurisdictions.


We consider that stand-alone companies or entities within structures have to make sense at the end of the day.  After all, the client paying to maintain an international structure has to be able to clearly understand the ins and outs of what is being used. 

A modern business structure should consider having some level of succession planning in order to ensure the continuity of business for future generations and for other kind of beneficiaries.   On a personal level, high net worth individuals should establish an estate planning for his/her assets.


We may cater you with the advisory and execution needed to achieve the planning best suited, using the most sophisticated tools in the world from all available jurisdictions.


Nowadays it is a big challenge in succession planning to craft the ideal solution for families with assets held outside their jurisdiction of domicile.  Our team is prepared to design the ideal route that will ensure the individual or the family’s needs are met.

Accounting Services 

The accounting work is performed using IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)   showing all investment made and their results at entities and funds, including all financial assets (variable and fixed rated) and non-financial assets (real estate, boats, art work), as well as the demonstration of any remaining cash amounts. 


This work includes the classification of corporate and banking documents; verification of banking and brokerage accounts; set up of ledger, balance sheet, income statement, notes to the financial statements, demonstration of  assets, liabilities, stockholder’s equity and Income (interest, dividends, coupons, financial gains, exchange rate gains, interest accrued, etc) and Expenses (professional fees, bank charges, interest paid, financial losses), taxation or tax exemptions, the basis of the accounting presentation and definition of terms.


Our staff carefully looks into the numbers and their consequences.  We do not simply prepare a financial statement and send them out.  We sit down with our clients to analyse how the numbers in the financial statements may impact their tax filings and annual central bank statements. 


Additional secretarial work for accouting  includes the generation of all the necessary supporting resolutions (capital contribution, reduction, distribution, etc), and organization of corporate documents.

Fund Setup & Administration Services

We assist investors setting up investment funds in different jurisdictions,  drafting legal documents, filing documents at the due financial commissions, obtaining fund licenses and when necessary hiring outsourced service providers. 


The administration services include the generation of all the supporting documents, along with the drafting of all necessary resolutions, issuance or request of the due certificates, along with the subscription, redemption and registration of shares, when necessary, as well as the tracking and recording of all shareholders / members and directors of the investment funds.


With the fund administration, we also offer fund accounting and the periodical NAV (Net Asset Value) calculation, as well as the other following services: 


  • Setting up independent reports of reconciliation and verification of the portfolio for the prime broker, custodian or fund manager;

  • Keeping records of the share register and anti-money laundering information on investors and share holders as required by regulatory and compliance standards;

  • Calculate multi currency valuations, equities, shares, alternative investments, derivatives, options, bonds, and the demonstration of any remaining amounts in cash accounts.

Investigative Work

Although our world seeks a more compliant and transparent investment environment, there are still those who seek to hide assets from the law or launder money for third parties.  Unfortunately Latin American clients are amongst those who perform some of these illegal activities, thus our strategical presence in South America allows us to assist our friends and colleagues in law firms and banks from other regions in assessing whether a certain client is compliant or not for their practice. 


Besides operating the standard tools in the market for the verification on one’s status, we access and cross-analyze several open data bases in order to evaluate the prospect client’s real situation.  Reviewing their background in the courts (civil, criminal, labor, high courts, etc), credit history, debts, and default status, insolvency or bankruptcy and their public exposure or image associated to third parties, we are able to link different elements and issue an opinion on the prospect’s real potential hazard or not.

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